What Are The Best Teak Wood Alternatives For Outdoor Furniture?

Teak wood furniture is highly popular because of its grain texture, smooth finishing, delightful appearance, unmatched durability, and many more appealing characteristics. Additionally, teak wood is high in minerals and natural oils and therefore, gives a shiny appearance.

Sounds like a valuable and lifelong investment for home furniture purchase, right? But, teak wood furniture comes at a whopping high price, and therefore, not everyone can afford it. So, what are the other options?

You can go with several alternatives to teak wood for your outdoor furniture placements. And this will be today’s debate at Custom Furniture Dubai.

Top Picks For Teak Wood Substitutes In Outdoor Furniture Design

The pricing factor alone has the power to change your thoughts about replacing teak wood furniture with something more affordable yet aesthetically pleasing and durable. There can also be other reasons to look for substituting teak wood i.e. availability. Yes, teak wood grows only in 4 countries in Asia namely Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and India.

So whatever the reason may be, let’s jump right at the point of concern for today’s topic i.e. the best alternatives to teak wood.

1. Thermally Modified Limba

A timber species that is enhanced/improved by a thermal modification process to get used for furniture manufacturing, boat decking, etc. The improved insulation properties and enhanced stability make this timber product durable and enduring.

Thermally modified limba is a sustainable and tough wood material that can be ideally used for external use i.e. outdoor furniture manufacturing. It features a smooth, plain finish and can be used with or without coating, and is not susceptible to damage by harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, you’ll find it exceptionally good for resisting mold and mildew growth. Plus, there are no signs of wear and tear with extensive seating usage as well. In contrast, it gives a silver, teak-like textured appearance with time and extent of usage.

Thermally modified limba is ideal for boat decking, outdoor furniture, cladding, and other usage practices of exterior interest. Compared to teak wood, you’ll find it a much cheaper and easily available option.

2. Acacia Wood

Another hardwood species used primarily and extensively in manufacturing furniture items for the outdoors is Acacia Wood. When compared to teak wood, you’ll find significant cost reductions but the durability standards also vary greatly. Yes, acacia wood may not be the right option if you’re looking for a long-lasting investment but not teak wood.

Actually, acacia wood lacks essential natural oils and minerals, and therefore, resilience and resistance are also low. But that doesn’t mean that acacia wood furniture is not worth it. Because you can have a protective treatment or coating to make your outdoor acacia furniture last longer.

Thus, if you want only one or two furniture items for your garden, lawn, or any other outdoor setting, you can go with acacia wood. And that can also be rightfully said when you’re on a tight budget.

3. Eucalyptus Wood

Just like teak wood, eucalyptus wood also has oils and minerals and therefore, you won’t find this option any less beneficial than teak wood in terms of density, durability, and flexibility. Also, eucalyptus is a fast-growing plant and grows in almost all countries around the world.

Speaking of durability and its extent, your outdoor eucalyptus furniture can easily last a long time without any signs of wear and tear damage, however proper care and maintenance is a must. Similarly, you need not worry about moisture, rot, decay, and similar damage sources.

Thus, it can be rightfully said that eucalyptus wood is placed right below teak wood when compared for durability and resistance. Coming towards availability, there are going to be no issues regarding the supply of eucalyptus wood furniture.

Additionally, you’ll find it priced cheaper than teak wood but more expensive than acacia wood. That’s because of the admirable features of eucalyptus wood furniture.

4. Shorea Wood

One of the tallest trees in the world, there are over 196 different species of Shorea under the classified genus and therefore, an unimaginable pool of versatility and variety exists for an ideal choice. For estimations, you can think of it as an identical replacement to eucalyptus wood for outdoor furniture.

That’s because Shorea wood also comprises essential oils and minerals that protect it from damage against a lot of outdoor conditions. Besides, Shorea wood has a natural golden shade that looks delightful and can also be converted to teak-like silvery gray for a matching appearance beforehand.

The amazing fact about Shorea wood is that if left untreated in the outdoor weather, you’ll witness the color transformation to teak-like silver on its own. The grain texture of Shorea is truly admirable and delightful in sight.

However, you’ll find Shorea wood furniture really heavy (even heavier than teak wood furniture) and that can be a problem if you’re always testing new furniture placements in your garden or lawn. Speaking of price, you’ll get financial benefits up to considerable extents with Shorea Wood Furniture.

5. GreenHeart Wood

Greenheart is an exotic hardwood species and the next best option when teak wood is out of range. You’ll find greenheart wood identically similar to teak wood in terms of grain texture, toughness, durability, and resistance. Although, the pricing standards for greenheart are affordable and budget-friendly.

Unlike teak wood, greenheart is easily available all around the world with an exception of the United States where it’s seldom available. The wood comes with a natural brown color that can be treated for a teak-like silvery appearance.

Similar to teak wood, greenheart is also used for decking, boat-building, outdoor furniture manufacturing, and various external uses. And, you’ll be amazed to know that greenheart can easily stand up to rot, moisture, mold, mildew, and similar damage sources.

6. Iroko Wood

Found along the west coast of Africa, Iroko wood is another great substitute for teak wood. Iroko wood is highly durable as well and therefore, is used for outdoor cabinet making, paneling, furniture manufacturing, wooden flooring, fencing, etc.

Iroko wood comes at an economical price yet there are no compromises in terms of durability, toughness, and resistance to damage factors. Iroko wood comes with a golden brown color that can be traded with a teak-silvery appearance after treatment.

As mentioned, Iroko wood is highly durable and therefore, you’ll need to put minimal effort into care, cleaning, and maintenance for your outdoor furniture. Also, iroko wood furniture is not that heavy but can be categorized as medium-weight furniture.

In Conclusion

There’s no need to worry if you can’t afford teak wood outdoor furniture because you can always pick a suitable alternative. In this post, we’ve explained 6 different wood options that can be substituted with teak wood for outdoor furniture. You can select any of these options depending on your preferences for durability, pricing, and appearance and enjoy the one of the best furnishing experiences.

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