9 Things You Need To Know Before Upholstering Furniture

Getting your furniture upholstered is the ideal way to introduce attractiveness and style to your interiors besides anchoring its design with assertive upholstery patterns. In short, furniture coverings transform the complete outlook of the furniture and the interior as well. However, the ideal selection of furniture fabrication demands a layout or plan for various concerning factors.

And, there are a number of design elements and practical considerations that can never be overlooked for the choice of ideal covering for furniture. In today’s article by Custom Furniture Dubai, we’re going to explain to you 9 different aspects that should always be kept in mind prior to upholstering furniture pieces.

The 9 Best Tips & Tricks For An Ideal Furniture Upholstery Selection

Upholstery accounts for furniture appearance and design presentation. Therefore, the choice of fabrication becomes a really important task. For an ideal choice, there are various elements that you need to consider and get the practical benefits of.

Below, we’re going to enlist and explain 9 important considerations that you should keep in notice prior to upholstering furniture. So, let’s get right at it without wasting your precious time.

1. Prioritize Comfortable Furniture Pieces

No one wants to sit in a chair that’s uncomfortable and doesn’t fit the body posture accurately. Having that said, the importance of upholstered furniture that offers supreme comfort gets highlighted. In this concern, you need to test the furniture items that’s been upholstered priorly and are placed as a sample to idealize seating comfort.

As for Custom Furniture Upholstery, you have to be more careful about selecting the foam density and filling material for different furniture items. For this purpose, the best materials have foam densities ranging from 1.5 pounds to 3 pounds. The higher the material density, the more will be its lifespan and vice versa. And the same goes for the relationship between fabric softness and seating comfortability.

2. Consider Hardwood Furniture Frames

Most commonly, you’ll find hardwood furniture items getting upholstered. That’s because hardwood is a top-quality wood material that promises to provide true value for money against your investment.

Hardwood furniture items last much longer in comparison to most material options and have an aesthetic vibe about them. Besides, getting hardwood furnishings upholstered alleviates the concerns of broken furniture frames thus, saving your hard-earned money.

3. Choose The Upholstery Filling Ideally

You’ll find plenty of options for filling material choices available on the market. However, making an ideal choice demands studying the characteristic features of all these available filling materials.

The most popular options for filling materials include cotton wadding, hollow-fill fiber, polyester wadding, feather, down, stuffing, wool wadding, etc. Always make a filling material choice that allows the furniture to be firm and resilient yet comfortable and restful.

4. Keep In Mind The Decorative Piping

When upholstering furniture items, most people forget to add decorative piping to the furniture upholstery. The piping completes the design and adds a touch of interest and attractiveness to the furniture covering. For this purpose, you can have the benefit of two different approaches i.e. self-piping and contrast piping.

5. Go For Button Tufting & Nailing

Nowadays, you’ll find furniture fabrication decorated with a button-up approach and gold pleated nails. It’s a wonderful idea to create an aesthetic and interesting vibe about the furniture. To help with this, you can opt for a deep or shallow button tufting approach depending on your personal liking preferences.

Similarly, nailing is quite often practiced for sofa seating to make it appear distinct and attractive. In this concern, you can practically apply this idea in layered solutions like single-layer nailing and double-layer nailing. However, you need to idealize and maintain the distance between consecutive layers of nails applied to furniture covering for delightful appearances.

6. Be Mindful Of Furniture Practicality

The practicality of the furniture greatly affects the type of fabric material used for upholstering the furniture pieces. Explaining further, furniture items vary from piece to piece depending on the extent of their usage i.e. furniture for seating gets used the most, etc. Hence, you need to determine whether the furniture to be upholstered gets used occasionally or on a routine basis.

Plus, you should never compromise on the quality and durability of the materials for furniture treatment. Always buy materials that can stand the test of time and display resistance to stains, moisture, and wear and tear. This element, when taken into consideration, can help you capitalize on your investment in the true meaning of the term.

7. Have A Look At Various Upholstery Design Patterns

Everyone wants their upholstered furnishings to give the impression of statement furniture pieces. Therefore, the choice of eye-catching designs, bold patterns, and colorful appearances should be the topmost priority when selecting furniture treatment. In this concern, you need to look at various possible designs and design pattern combinations to have an ideal selection.

In this regard, a really useful advice is to imagine the fabric design on a large scale (for all the furnishings in the interior). That’s because you may find an imprint or design graceful in the sample piece while it doesn’t fit in the interior when all the furniture gets upholstered.

8. Think About The Interior Décor & Theme

The idea is to create striking upholstery appearances that should complement the interior décor and theme settings as well. For this purpose, you can reimagine the upholstered furniture placement within the interior. Always keep in mind if you’ve got an accent wall or featured wall with the wallpaper, when selecting furniture fabrication.

9. Add A Seasonal Effect

Floral printed upholstery patterns are delightful as well as an all-decor favorite. Not only these patterns will uplift the charm and add to the desirability of the furniture but also these designs never get out of style. Thus, you need not replace them unless you really want to.

In Conclusion

Upholstering your furniture gives a complete design makeover to the interior. For this purpose, the selection should be preliminary decided on the basis of important factors that influence this choice. In this article, we’ve explained 9 important aspects that you should keep in mind before selecting furniture upholstery and hence you’ll be able to make the most out of this very decision.

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