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Outdoor Sofa Dubai by Custom Outdoor Furniture is the perfect way to set up outdoor seatings and decors and enjoy an amazing comfort.

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About Our Company

We Are The Top-rated Outdoor Sofa Dubai Providers

And we’ve got you the finest trendsetting varieties of outdoors sofas for adding a great deal of beauty and comfort to your exteriors. Available in a vast range of styles, designs and size profiles, these sofas work wonders when placed in all patios, decks, pergolas, terraces, balconies or simply within gardens.

You’re welcome to check out the mind-blowing ranges of Outdoor Sofa at our online store and cherish the amazing comfort afterwards.


We specialize in creating the most out of the box stylish sofas in the UAE and with us you can place your hands over the most perfectly designed sofa that works well for all your requirements. Moreover, you can also shop from our vast ranges of the Outdoor Sofa Dubai for giving a fine and attractive look to your residential outdoors.

Our services include the provision of both predefined sofa styles and the custom made ones.




It’s high time you adorn your home outdoors and make those spaces the most welcoming for everyone, request your free quote at

Featured Outdoor Sofa Styles 2023

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Our Product Quality

Our Outdoor Sofa Are Incredibly Durable

And they will be the most worthwhile investment for you due to their cost-effectivity. Besides, they will offer you incredible and everlasting comfort for every leisure moment of yours spent outdoors. Coming to the build quality of Outdoor Sofa Dubai, these sofas are made from premium materials and besides hardwood, plywood, laminate boards and often metal is also included in the construction.

You can totally have the manufacturing factor customized in case you’ve got any specific preferences in this regard.

Our Product Aesthetics

Explore The Ravishing Styles Of Outdoor Sofa Set Dubai

At Custom Furniture Dubai, you’ll come across the most mesmerizing options of Outdoor Sofa Dubai and you’ll find it the easiest to pick up those that please you. From classic to contemporary, we’ve got each and every trending sofa style and design trending in the UAE. Besides, you can have your favorite ones custom created from our professionals, ranging from upholstery Dubai makeovers to the entire frame stylings.

Not to mention that we’ll induce your favorite outdoor sofas with the most high-quality upholsteries, such as the Leather Upholstery Dubai.

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We are right at your service to help you get the home improvement and ornamentation of your choice and most importantly the best value for your money. From providing you with delightful sofa for outdoor options all the way to creating and designing your desired pieces, we shall make you experience the excellence that makes a difference. So get your outdoor decors the ultimate kick of beauty, comfort and attractiveness at the same time.

Exceptional Efficacy

We strive to make every single furniture piece the most comforting, practically favorable and value-for-money for you

Cheap Pricing

Our outdoor Sofa Dubai customization services are not just the most promising of all but will also really budget-friendly and cost-effective for you

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