Expert Sofa Upholstery in Dubai for Every Style

Sofa Upholstery Dubai by Custom Furniture Dubai is the finest upholstering choice for all types of sofas in your place, making them the most comfortable to use.

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About Our Company

We Are the Best Sofa Upholstery Service Provider in Dubai

We’ve got you completely covered regarding any and every upholstery need. Our premium upholstery in Dubai is the most worthwhile way of making your old sofa the new one. Our sofa upholstery adds beauty and comfort to its back and seats.

In addition to that, we also provide sofa repair in Dubai with proficiency at budget-friendly rates.


We are the expert providers of sofa upholstery and repair in Dubai. You can also get upholstery services for other furniture items as well. You can also buy high-quality upholstering materials from us for the ideal transformation of your couches. Our best-selling material is the Upholstery leather for a modern furniture look.

We offer the most reliable sofa upholstery service in Dubai by paying attention to every detail.




Upgrade your home and office sofas with our luxurious upholstery. You can send us an email at:

Latest Sofa Upholstery Designs

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black leather sofa upholstery
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Affordable Services

Get Our Exquisite Sofa Upholstery Dubai Service at Low Rates

Our high-quality upholstery treatment brings the most useful, comfy, and durable version of your sofas, couches, seaters, and sofa beds. You can opt for getting our ready-made upholstered sofas in Dubai or hire sofa upholstery services in Dubai for your existing sofas.

We aim to give you the best furniture to sit and relax at highly affordable rates. You can also buy different sofa upholstery materials at discounted rates, including leather, cotton, polyester, wool, silk, acrylic, nylon, rayon, polypropylene, and many more.

Customized Solutions

Achieve Your Dream Sofa Look with Our Custom Upholstery

We help our customers to give a personalized appearance in every place. You can get our customized upholstery service for all types of sofas. We have expertise in designing old sofas with the most innovative styles to convert them into your place’s most stunning furniture item.

You just have to call us to tell us your location and the custom design you want us to apply to your sofa. Our sofa will transform the whole look of your sofa by upgrading its frame, structure, cushions, and fabrics. Get ready to enjoy the most beautiful and comfortable sofa upholstery.

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Reliable Services

Why Choose our sofa upholstery service in Dubai?



We’ve got your back whenever you need to fix, treat, revive, or beautify your sofa. Our upholstery services are incredibly cheap and save you money by eliminating the need to buy new sofa sets in Dubai. Getting your sofa upholstered by our experts is the cost-effective choice in the long run. Also, you can design your sofa just the way you want it. Give us all of your sofa design requirements. We will surely enhance your sofa’s visual appeal and comfort with our upholstery services in Dubai.

Attention to Detail

Our sofa upholstery services in Dubai are carried out with utmost perfection.

Affordable Services

Our experts upgrade the sofa upholstery at the minimum possible price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

Your sofa might not add beauty to your interior because of its old-fashioned look. You must return its charm by getting our modern sofa upholstery in Dubai. You can also revive the comfort and softness of sofa cushions with our exclusive services.

We allow our customers to give us a list of things to consider during upholstery. You can tell us the specific fabric or design for your sofa upholstery. We have all types of fabric options sourced from reliable vendors. Feel free to contact or visit us for fabric or design selection.

Sofas made of leather need special care and expertise. Our experienced staff can surely upholster your leather sofa. You can get its fabric, spring, frame, and styling from us. We pay extra attention to the stitching of leather upholstery to ensure long-lasting results.

Every sofa has a different style and possible design options. You can get free help from our design team to suggest the most suitable upholstery designs according to your sofa and interior. Our sofa fabric collection offers the most innovative and modern patterns.

We have been working in the sofa repairing field for more than 10 years. Our expert team specializes in upholstering all types of sofas, including indoor and outdoor. Our collections are full of a versatile range of fabrics for multi-purposes. Contact us to discuss the required features of your sofa upholstery.

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