Interesting Facts To Know About Wicker Furniture

Just as the aspects of quality and aesthetics can’t be overlooked when buying furniture items, there are various practical factors involved as well. That’s why you find furniture items for indoor and outdoor usage manufactured from different materials like wood, aluminum, steel, etc.

When it comes to choosing furniture items for outdoors, you’ll find wicker furniture to be top of the list. Obviously, there are pretty solid reasons that justify this popularity of wicker furniture among all. However, the ideal choice of wicker furniture can only be made after having proper know-how of all the perimeters to be kept into account.

In this article by Custom Furniture Dubai, we’re going to explain to you all the important factors that will help you choose wicker furniture ideally.

A Complete Buying Guide For The Ideal Choice Of Wicker Furniture

Furniture purchases can be made in various sizes, styles, finishes, designs, and materials. However, having a specific type of furniture material that’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage practices demands certain purchase requirements to be fulfilled for longevity purposes.

Besides, these choice specifications when rightfully applied ensure the purchase of the finest quality and most durable furniture product. So, let’s start our explanation with what is wicker furniture.

What Do You Mean By Wicker Furniture?

Wicker is a word of Scandinavian Origin and wicker furniture is mostly manufactured using 4 to 5 of the most popular materials of plant origin i.e. rattan, bamboo, reed, willow, etc. By far, most people consider wicker a weaving technique useful for binding plant materials together.

Similarly, being manufactured most of the time with Rattan material, wicker furniture is sometimes referred to as Rattan furniture and that’s a huge misconception among the people.

The All-Important Factors To Be Considered For Buying Wicker Furniture

Now, you’ve got the idea that the wicker itself is not a material but rather a weaving technique applied for the construction/manufacturing of different products. Having that said, it becomes evident that you can choose from various different material sources to get the benefit of this technique for furniture crafting.

1. Indoor Vs Outdoor Wicker Furniture

It’s not necessarily important to make use of only natural or synthetic materials for manufacturing wicker furniture. Thus, any furniture material that’s plain, durable, and resistant to damage forms can be used for this purpose. Adding further, the choice of material selection is carried out on the basis of furniture placements i.e. indoor or outdoor.

That’s because wicker furniture crafted for indoor furniture comprises organic materials like grass veins, reeds, etc. Similarly, outdoor wicker furniture commonly uses vinyl and resins as coating materials for extra durability and damage-resistance.

This explains why outdoor wicker furniture can withstand various climates and damaging conditions without signs of wear and tear.

2. The Weave Manufacturing Process

No matter whether wicker is manufactured using natural materials or synthetic options, the weaving technique and process applied are pretty much the same. Such that, the materials are run horizontally in a weave pattern crossing the vertical strands for a uniform, smooth appearance.

Still, the difference lies in the weave styles and that’s something you’ll be presented within the form of various options when buying wicker furniture for your home. Ranging from traditional or classic options to all-new modern and advanced weave patterns (styles), you’ll have the choice to make an ideal selection depending on your personal preferences.

3. The Best Color Choice

In this section, you’ll get the most versatile and extensive range of amazing choices available on the market. The organic wicker furniture in its original form (finish) has a rough appearance ideal for vintage-style interiors. That’s because the texture of bamboo, reed, cane, sea grass and other materials is quite easily visible and imparts the furniture piece its striking appearance.

However, you’ll find wicker-painted furniture surfaces to be more gleaming, attractive, and available in a more versatile variety of different color shades for complementing décor effects. Therefore, the choice of the best color for wicker furniture depends on the interior aesthetic demands and of course your personal preferences.

4. Furniture Applications & Material Considerations

Coming towards the aspect of furniture practicality, you’ll find wicker furniture (both indoor and outdoor options combined) to be useful in the form of seating, storage/shelving, tables, plant stands, and many more items.

Speaking of the material choices, you’ll find that synthetic wicker furniture creates more durable and appealing furnishings in comparison to natural options. Similarly, synthetic materials for wicker furniture have proved to be more effective for standing up to the sunlight and moisture damage and other similar reasons.

Below, we’ve briefly explained the most popular organic material options for wicker furniture.

1. Rattan Wicker

Made from the thin stem of a palm tree, rattan is one of the most popular options for wicker furniture. Usually, the material is molded into shape after a steaming process and can be used for framing the furniture piece as well.

2. Bamboo Wicker

Speaking of the uniqueness and sturdy appearance of wicker furniture, you’ll always find the base material to be bamboo.

3. Reed

Reed is the inner width of Rattan and therefore, wicker furniture manufactured using reed features high durability and exceptionally sturdy construction.

4. Willow

Although willow is not essentially used for crafting large-scale wicker furniture but is considered an ideal option for wicker baskets, trays, and small household furniture items.

Care & Maintenance For Wicker Furniture

One can’t deny that wicker furniture needs to be cared for and maintained on a regular basis, otherwise, it loses its shine and desirable appearance. Most commonly, wicker furniture placed outdoors is susceptible to mold and mildew growth alongside moisture damage.

Therefore, you need to keep the furniture as dry as you can to avoid both these damaging situations for your wicker furniture. Adding further, wicker outdoor furniture is prone to damage by sun rays when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

The best solution to this problem is to have outdoor canopies made from Sunbrella Fabric to save the furniture polish from fading. Additionally, certain types of wicker furniture may show the signs of splintering when placed in the scorching heat of the sun.

Therefore, you should clean your wicker furnishings placed outdoors from time to time. Also, regular touch-ups are essential for maintaining the shiny appearance of wicker furniture pieces.

The Verdict

Buying wicker furniture for your home is a great choice only when you know about all the important factors to consider for making an ideal selection. In this article, we’ve explained all the essential elements that should never be overlooked for the perfect choice of wicker furniture. Providing you with all the necessary information, we hope that all your queries regarding wicker furniture selection are resolved.

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