How To Prepare Furniture When Moving?

Professional packers and movers offer services to transport your valuable household items from one place to another with complete safety. However, one can’t simply afford to pay them when low on budget. If you’re also shifting your home or planning to do so, you must be thinking of taking on this job the DIY way for cost savings.

Moving furniture from one place to another seems easy and a fun task, right? You just have to lift the furniture pieces from one location to another. However, it’s not always as it seems and this goes the same for moving furniture and other valuable items. Don’t worry because we’re right here for your help.

In this post by Custom Furniture Dubai, we’re going to illuminate all the important aspects that should be taken into consideration when moving furniture and other heavy items. So, stay with us and get a know-how of all the preparations that should be priorly done.

The Most Important Preparatory Considerations For Moving Furniture

Large-sized furniture is to be disassembled prior to shifting. Similarly, you need to make sure that bolts and screws don’t get lost and are not found at the time of re-assembly. Plus, the measurements of doors and gallery are a must for the convenience of furniture passage. Let’s move on to the first step in the preparation that you need to follow.

1. Note Down The Furniture To Be Moved

To avoid getting into a fuss, you should write down the names of all the essentials to be moved. Not only it’ll help you idealize the total number of furniture items to be moved but also you can keep a record of what’s been already delivered to the vehicle.

Similarly, keeping a register/notebook is a handy way to remember the places for respective screws, bolts, and rivets as they come off the furniture. Also, you can create sections to recall parts of furniture that are to be disassembled prior to moving into a new place.

2. Take Doorway & Hallway Measurements

The furniture is to be moved out of the home and therefore, has to pass through doors and hallways. But what if you came to know that your dining table or sectional does not fit the size of the door? In that case, you’ll have to disassemble that particular furniture item and take it through the doors and hallways.

The best idea is to measure the doors and hallways prior to moving furniture. Most of the furniture like the chairs, coffee tables, side tables, etc don’t require disassembly due to their smaller sizes. However, some furniture items with sizes proportionate to doors and hallways may have to be disassembled before moving.

3. Have The Required Tools & Equipment Ready

You’ll have to disassemble the furniture items anyways, in order to proceed with the shifting. Therefore, you should already be prepared for this purpose. You must make arrangements for all the hardware or tools necessary for disassembling furniture. Here, we’ve made a list of the commonly required materials and supplies needed for the task.

  • Moving Blankets
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Mattress Covers
  • Furniture Pads
  • Packing Tape
  • Plastic Ziplock Bags
  • Permanent Marker

All these items are a must-have and should be arranged on a priority basis before moving furniture items. Because when handling fragile glass furniture and other valuable accessories, you need to be specifically careful.

4. Dust or Clean The Furniture

The best approach is to clean the furniture before packing and moving. It’s because you’ll have to only put effort into assembling the furniture and not cleaning it after shifting into the new home. For this purpose, you can either choose to only dust the furniture or properly clean it depending on the available time.

5. Break Up The Large-Sized Furniture

There are various benefits to dismantling the furniture prior to packing and moving. First, the disassembled furniture can easily be stored in the truck and takes less space. Second, dismantled furniture is at less risk of getting damaged on travel.

Additionally, you won’t face any difficulties moving furniture from within the home to the outside. But one can’t ignore that it’s a time-consuming task and requires complete care and attention as well. Therefore, only the important furniture elements are recommended to be dismantled like beds, couches, etc.

However, there are some furniture accessories that should always be removed prior to moving the furniture. These accessories include knobs from dressers and side tables and cushions from sofas and chairs.

6. Pack Furniture Accessories & Small Items

Of course, there will be a ton of small-sized accessories and items that are to be packed after furniture disassembly. The most important are the screws, rivets, bolts, knobs, drawer pulls, etc. You can store all these items in plastic ziplock bags to prevent any losses. Then you will have to label the plastic bags with permanent markers for identifications later on.

Coming towards fragile glass furniture items, you have to handle them with absolute care. And, the best way to protect such breakable furniture items is to wrap them correctly. For this purpose, you can use bubble wrap to cover ceramics, table tops, glass furniture, etc.

Similarly, plastic wrap is recommended for the storage of upholstered furniture items like mattresses, couches, etc. Wooden furniture should be protected with pads and blanket covers.

7. Moving Heavyweight Furniture

Lightweight furniture can be simply carried away to the trucks outside in the parking for transportation. And, large-sized furniture can be disassembled for convenience of transportation.

But how will you transport large-sized and heavyweight furniture items that can’t be disassembled like dressers, wardrobes, etc? For this purpose, you can make use of furniture gliders to prevent scratching the floors. However, if you’re unable to arrange furniture gliders, there is still no need to worry about anything.

Because you can place towels or cardboard pieces underneath the furniture for ease of transportation. By doing so, you’ll prevent both the furniture and the flooring from getting scratched.

In Conclusion

When moving furniture items from one place to another (probably the new home), you need to keep in mind some important aspects for all-in-all preparations. In this article, we’ve described some useful tips and preparatory steps that should not be overlooked when moving furniture. Following these steps, you’ll not have to pay any extra money to the professional furniture packers and movers for shifting your furniture into the new home.

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