How to Install Blinds on Windows

Home blinds manage light and privacy well. They are cheap and flexible. Slatted window coverings are easy to alter. These can be pulled open for viewing, partly closed for filtered light, or fully closed for isolation. Are you moving into a new house and trying to decide between window drapes or blinds? Are you tired of your plain vinyl blinds and want something more exciting? If that’s the case, you’re in the correct location! Custom Furniture Dubai will tell you about the correct blind installation procedure with good techniques.

Here Are Some Things to Think About Before Putting up Blinds

DIY blind installation takes time. However, size and style are crucial while purchasing them. It will be easy to install properly. Taking accurate measurements and choosing blinds compatible with the window are very important.

Picking Your Blinds

There are two ways to install blinds.

Inside-Mount Blinds

People often like inside-mount blinds because they look neater, don’t hide any pretty decorations around your window, and provide better insulation. But if the window frame needs to be deeper, you might be unable to install the blinds inside.

Outside-Mount Blinds

You might like outside-mount blinds to hide ugly trim or block more light.

You can choose between inside-mount and outside-mount blinds. There are different materials available, each with a different look and price.

Vinyl Is a Type of Material

This material is very common because it’s easy to clean and not expensive.

Aluminum Blind

Aluminum blinds are a great choice for modern decor. They are affordable and long-lasting.

Wood Blinds

Wood is a natural thing that directly originates from trees. These blinds can be customized according to wooden furniture color and material on demand. Wood is strong and can make your windows look old-fashioned. The main problem is that natural wood blinds usually cost the most money.

Synthetic or Faux Wood

Faux wood looks like real wood but costs less. Fake wood is also easier to clean and better at resisting moisture.

Important Information You Need to Know

To install your blinds, follow these simple steps:

  • Start by driving pilot holes for the brackets.
  • Screw the brackets into place.
  • Finally, slide the blinds into position.

Measuring Should Be Accurate

  • Measure your blinds accurately by checking the width and height at different spots on each window. Find the skinniest width and the tallest height possible.
  • Pick the blinds that match your preference for how noticeable you want them to be in your room.

Putting Together and Setting up the Blinds

Most blinds are installed in the same way.

  • First, you drill brackets into the window frame. Slide the blind top into the hardware and shut it.
  • But your blinds might have special changes you’ll need to make before installing them.
  • Understand the instructions by reading them attentively.
  • You’ll need a drill, small pilot bits, and a ladder to install blinds.
  • You’ll need a level to install blinds above the window instead of inside the frame.
  • You don’t have to build your blinds. They will come already built and ready to be installed. The steps are the same for cellular shades, roller blinds, mini blinds, and vertical blinds.

Make Small Holes With The Drill

Make small holes with a drill for the two brackets with your blinds. Choose a window first on which you will hang the blind.

  • Hold the right-opening bracket against the top left of the window frame.
  • Use a smaller pilot bit on your drill before attaching the screws to make it easier.
  • Use a drill to drill bracket screw holes.
  • Repeat for the right bracket.

There Are Two Ways to Drill

  • One method is to hold the bracket unmoved while drilling.
  • The other way is to use a pencil to mark where each pilot hole should go. If your window is wide, you must first drill small holes for a middle bracket to hold the weight.
  • Before drilling, use a measuring tape to find the center of the frame.
  • Make small holes in the wall above the window frame for an outside mount. To make sure both brackets are even, use a level.

Use the Provided Hardware to Attach the Brackets Securely

  • Take off the part of your drill that makes it work like a pilot, and then attach the Phillips screw part again.
  • To attach the left hand bracket, hold it in place and use a drill to screw it into the pilot holes you made. Tighten screws as much as possible to secure the bracket. Repeat this on the opposite frame side.
  • Blind brackets typically include 2-4 screws. Secure it with as many screws as possible. Install your middle blind bracket if you need to support a lengthy window blind.
  • Put the blind top in the bracket. Lift the blind to the window top to install it.
  • Then, slip the blind top railing into both brackets. Fold the top tab or slip the cover piece into the bracket to shut it. This secures the blind to the window frame.

Different Styles Have Different Ways of Closing Each Blind Bracket

There are two main categories of closure. A bracket folding hinge glides over the top. To close the bracket, another piece goes in.

Put the valence on the top rail of the blind. You don’t have to do this. If you have fancy blinds, you have a valence.

  • A valence is a cover that goes over the top railing of your blinds to hide the brackets.
  • To install the valance, look at the instructions with your blinds. Sliding the valence over 2-3 clips on the blinds’ upper railing is typical.
  • You might have to slide the wand over a small hook to attach the part of your blinds to open or close them.
  • Once you have attached your valence, you are ready to go! Keep installing the rest of your blinds like you did with the first one.

In the End

Window blind installation is easy with the appropriate equipment and instructions. Window blinds provide privacy, light control, and style. Follow these procedures. Ensure correct measurements, the proper blind type and size, and careful installation following the manufacturer’s directions. You can install window blinds and improve your home’s utility and attractiveness with a little patience and work.

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