How to Hang Curtains in a Corner Window?

Windows are one of the most crucial elements of a home interior. They often feature different shapes and designs, other than conventional ones. Today, we will talk about the corner windows. This is one of the unique yet common window styles, but it gives your room a unique and attractive appearance.

Despite the usefulness, it often becomes critical to opt for a suitable covering or treatment solution for such windows, particularly installing curtains. With that said, we’ve got you various valuable tips for hanging curtains effectively. You will also get to know multiple curtain heading styles for your corner windows. This step-by-step guide by Custom Furniture Dubai will make you able to effectively hang curtains on your nook windows.

What to Consider Before Hanging Curtains in a Corner Window?

Hanging curtains on your corner or bay windows requires extra care and consideration. You must decide on these few aspects before beginning the curtain installation process.

Choose the Curtain Profile

Curtains come in a wide range of options to provide for diversified interior requirements. You can choose from classic options to modern curtains. Consider the color, pattern, fabric, and heading style of window curtains to make a clear plan in your mind.

It will help you to execute the whole process in an organized way. Ensure the chosen window covering solution looks great with your corner windows and the rest of the interior decor. Don’t forget to choose suitable curtain accessories as well, which play an important role in the procedure.

Take Measurements

You need to measure your wall and window frame precisely to estimate the required curtain material. It will also help you understand the resources required for this job. Measure the window panes differently if there is a distance between frames.

Note down the distance of these windows also to cover it completely. Now, measure the window frame width to get the right curtain rod or tracks. After measuring the width of your corner windows, measure the length or height of the frame.

We suggest you keep the curtain rod 5 inches above the window frame and 2 inches extended from each side. This helps create an inviting curtain look for a modern interior. If your curtains are not providing a complete coverage and fuller look, they will look unattractive. So, pay attention to the measurements and note them down somewhere.

Hang Curtains In a Corner Window With These Easy Steps

1. Install the Curtain Rod Brackets

Curtain rod brackets are a vital part of the curtain support system. Rods are attached to these brakes, as they get support from them. To install the curtain rod bracket, ensure you have the required items.

  • Measuring Ruler: Use the measuring ruler to find the desired spot to install brackets. Ensure that you have decided on the right height for your curtains, as this is an irreversible treatment. You can keep your curtain installation process simple and easy with accurate measurements.
  • Pencil: Mark the spots on the wall, window frame, or ceiling with the pencil. It will highlight the exact point where you will install the curtain rod brackets. Don’t mark any big spots; just put a small dot or arrow to get an indication while drilling.
  • Drill Machine: Be extra careful before using a drill machine on the walls. Make sure you have the right model for your specific type of drill. Hold the machine firmly and drill the frame, wall, or ceiling for the bracket installation, as per your choice.
  • Screws: At last, install the curtain rod bracket in your drilled points. Buy high-quality screws and brackets to ensure the perfect holding of your curtains. Consider the weight and type of your curtains while choosing brackets.

2. Connect the Curtain Rod

Slide the curtain rods into the brackets to achieve your desired rod length. After connecting the curtain rods, make sure that rods are connected at the right length and level. Fix them strongly with the help of screws. If the connector or join is visible on the corner wall, you can spray them with the same color as the curtain rod. It will give an elegant appearance to your window hangings.

3. Install the Curtains

After installing the curtain support system, you just need to hang the curtains in the rods or tracks. Be careful of the edges of rods or other decorative accessories to avoid the risk of damage to your curtains. Consider the desired look and style of your window coverings. You can also use a stylish tieback to tie them together.

4. Test the Functionality

Make sure that you have installed the bracket, rods, and curtains accurately. Check if your curtains are installed on the same level you marked with the pencil. Make sure that you have installed the curtains as per the chosen style.

After hanging curtains, they should fully block the view from outside, blocking the incoming light too. Check if you can slide the curtains smoothly. Doing so will ensure that your curtains are installed on corner windows in the best way possible.

Some Styling Options for Your Corner Window Coverings

Two Different Curtain Rods

You can set up your corner window treatment by hanging multiple curtains. You can install two panels to ensure smooth functionality and a neat appearance. It looks classy and is easy to install also.

Hidden Corner Connector

To cover the entire area of your corner windows, you can attach two different rods from different walls using the connector. After connecting both rods, hang the curtains as you normally would. This will create a presentable look for your corner windows. It will be shown as the same curtain installed on both windows.

Layered Curtains

Install two different curtain fabrics in your corner window to achieve the most luxurious interior look. It will boost the decorative look of your room. Installing such curtains will require a specific double curtain rod.


Hanging curtains on your windows is not that difficult to do by yourself. We have provided a guide on effectively installing curtains on corner windows. Choose the curtain fabric, pattern, and style according to the overall look of your room. You can make your corner window a focal point by creating stunning window decor. Invest in high-quality curtain rods and fabrics to enjoy a luxurious appearance for many years. Do follow the safety precautions while doing hard tasks like drilling. Hoping for this guide to be helpful for you regarding the enhancement of your interior look.

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