How to Hang a Curtain Without Drilling into the Wall?

You must be looking to hang curtains on your windows without making holes in the wall. There can be multiple reasons to avoid holes in the wall, including rental property, temporary curtain hanging, or preferring damage-free walls. Drilling to install curtain rods can damage your wall, leaving a very prominent mark if removed in the future. With that said, Custom Furniture Dubai come up with the best ways to hang your curtain without drilling your wall.

5 Ways to Hang Curtains Without Drilling into the Wall

These curtain rods work perfectly for every window treatment without creating a hole in the wall.

1 – Tension Rods

Tension rods work with the spring mechanism, as they are stretched from one side to the other side of the window, according to the window size. This is one of the most commonly installed curtain rods when you don’t want to drill into your walls. These rods are available in different designs and thicknesses, making them the perfect choice to install all types of curtains with every decor style.

2 – Adhesive Curtain Rod

This is one of the best ways to hang curtains without drilling into the wall. Adhesive curtain rods can be installed on doors and windows of small sizes. These flexible curtain rods can be extended to 28 inches or less according to the size of the door or window. Make sure not to hang heavy curtains on these rods, as they are specifically made for lightweight and small curtains.

3 – Tap Brackets

You can use the tap brackets to install your curtains without putting screws in your walls. They are placed on top of the window frame. They don’t require drilling to get fixed to the wall. After fixing the tap bracket, you can simply put the curtain rod on it. Afterwards, you can hang your curtains without drilling into your walls.

4 – Magnetic Curtain Rod

You can easily install magnetic curtain rods without drilling on your window frame or wall. It is one of the easiest ways to hang your curtains with no drill rod option. There is no tool required to install them on your windows.

They provide the perfect fitting of curtains with adjustable length features, but they may leave their place in high-traffic areas. Make sure to use them in areas with infrequent use only.

5 – Command Hooks

Using command hooks is another way to keep your wall free from holes. You can place these hooks on your walls using sticky double-sided tape. Make sure to mark the exact spot before fixing these hooks.

After placing them on your walls, place a rod on them and hang your curtains. This is the simplest way to hang your window coverings without drilling into the wall. Make sure to clean the wall before placing these hooks to ensure the stability of your curtains.

When to Hang Curtain Rods Without Drilling Holes?

Insufficient Space

Hanging curtains without drilling is majorly required when you have insufficient space around your windows. The curtain rods we mentioned above are used to create a sleek appearance. They occupy less space than other curtain rods, making them the perfect choice for small rooms.

Rental Property

Sometimes, renters cannot create holes in the property’s walls. You don’t have to worry if you are also figuring out how to hang curtains without drilling into the walls. Tension and magnetic rods are the best options if you temporarily stay somewhere. You can easily cover your windows to enable privacy without damaging the wall of your rental house.

Lightweight Curtains

If you want to hang lightweight curtains on your windows, then using no-drill curtain rods is something you should go for. Installation of such rods is comparatively easy and safe. The only drawback of such rods is that they might not be suitable for high-traffic areas and heavy curtains. So, you can choose the above-mentioned drill-free curtain hanging options to save time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Keep Curtains Stay Securely in Place Without Drilling?

Choose the right type of window covering and curtain rod to enjoy the long-lasting window decor. If you have chosen the tension rod for blackout curtains, it will not be a good choice. Keep in mind the compatibility of rod and curtain fabric. Place the hooks at regular intervals to give support to your curtains. In addition, keep checking the rods and hooks regularly to see if they are secure and stable.

Are Tension Rods a Good Option for Hanging Curtains Without Drilling?

Yes, tension rods are a good option for hanging curtains without drilling. They perfectly balance your wall and the window frame to keep your rod straight. Make sure to buy a high-quality tension rod that can bear the weight of curtains.

Can I Hang Curtains Without Drilling If I Have Plaster Walls?

Using an adhesive hook is the best choice to hang curtains without drilling your plaster walls. These hooks can be placed on plaster walls easily. They are easy to remove also, making them the best choice for rental situations.

How Do I Remove Adhesive Hooks Used for Non-Drilling Curtain Installation?

Pull down the hook slowly to remove the adhesive or command hooks without causing damage to the walls. Keep pulling it with consistent pressure, as it will avoid damage to the wall. You can use a hair dryer to reduce the impact of adhesives with its warm air.

Are There Any Weight Limitations When Hanging Curtains Without Drilling?

Curtains that are hung without drilling should be lightweight. Tension curtain rods are the best choice for lightweight curtains. If you want to install heavy curtains, look for the magnetic rod with command hooks. They are made to support the weight of heavy curtains.

Final Thoughts

Create modern window decor by implementing these drill-free curtain-hanging solution. Make sure to purchase a curtain rod suitable for your window frame and interior decor. Measuring windows precisely will help you in making your window look stunning. Follow above mentioned innovative ideas to save your walls and hang curtains without drilling.

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