14 Alternative Ways To Decorate Walls Without Paint

Painting your home walls might be fun and recreative for some people, especially DIY-ers but many people don’t share the same thought. Besides, it was in the previous times when wall paint was considered a home design upscale, right?

We’re living in a modern age full of advancements in every field. Now, home decor upgrades have jumped a notch with paint alternatives for wall renovations. Yes, there are alternatives for decorating your home walls without paint and we happen to be discussing the same topic in our today’s discussion at Custom Furniture Dubai.

The 14 Best Tips & Tricks For Paint-Free Wall Decorations

No one can deny that painting the walls is the traditional wall treatment option in common households even today. To keep up with the pace of the modern world in terms of wall decoration, one needs to practicalize and experiment with out-of-the-box solutions and tricks. Here’re 14 of the best alternatives to painting your home walls for decoration and design upgrades.

1. Install Temporary Walls

The first idea is to purchase temporary walls and it’s obvious to get the right size that fits your home interior. Basically, temporary or moveable walls are non-permanent partitions or dividers that can be adhered to the existing wall surfaces for decor upgrades.

These wall dividers are often used in wedding ceremonies as a divider between male and female attendants for privacy. But, here’s how you can make them much more valuable and useful for your home decor upgrades.

These walls are made of plywood, pressboard, drywall, or some other lightweight materials thus, there’s no need to worry about the affordability factor as well.

2. Wallpaper Applications

Preferably, the most recommended and highly used wall paint alternative nowadays is wallpaper. You can easily find hundreds and thousands of versions and varieties for design, color, prints, textures, and materials when choosing a wallpaper.

However, there’s no need to be concerned because we can help you make a perfect choice with our step-by-step guide for wallpaper selection. Coming towards aesthetics, wallpaper applications truly transform the look and feel of your home with their captivating appearances.

3. DIY Wall Designs With Sticky Tape

What if you could make a design impression with your creative skills and by using masking tape? It sounds really interesting and accounts for a simple and affordable yet attractive solution to wall decor upgrades.

Another good thing about this wall decoration idea is that the sticky tape will come off easily and without any adhesive remnants. Besides, the design possibilities are endless and you can also copy and practicalize a simple sketch or layout from the internet.

4. Hang Wall Art/Photos

Wall murals can be another great option for paint-free wall decorations. For this purpose, you should use removable wall hooks so as to alleviate wall damage concerns. You can easily add interest to the empty spaces on your large, bare walls with this decor approach.

5. Garnish The Walls With Wall Decals

Wall Decals are vinyl or adhesive stickers that can be applied to walls, ceilings, or other surfaces to create decorative designs. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be used to add visual interest to a room. They can be easily applied and removed and are a great alternative to painting walls.

6. Wall Paneling Is The Right Choice

Made from wood, MDF, or PVC materials, wall panels can be used for home decor upgrades. These are panels installed over existing walls and provide a decorative finish. These panels come in a wide variety of styles and options and you can easily make a choice. Besides, you can either have them professionally installed or opt for a DIY approach.

7. Fabric & Tapestries Are The Way To Go

Need something familiar and truly inexpensive for wall decor upgrades? Have fabric or tapestries stretched from one end to the other for complete coverage. It’s a unique and personalized method for creating wall art displays and adding interest and texture to the home interior.

8. Have Shelving For Wall Decoration

Shelving is a great idea and serves a dual function i.e. decoration and storage. You can place figurines, plants, vases, books, decoration pieces, and many more items for decor elevations. It’s advised that you opt for a mix-and-match strategy for the ultimate aesthetic delight.

9. Mirrors Can Reflect Your Personal Preferences

You have carefully selected all the home design essentials and mirrors can reflect your design preferences quite superbly with their reflective, shiny surfaces. However, there are limitations to this idea because you can’t have mirrors all around inside the home i.e. only one wall or a section of wall can be used.

10. Peel-And-Stick Tiles For Added Texture

You can add interest to your plain, smooth walls with peel-and-stick tiles. These tiles can be easily removed and are perfect for adding a decorative flair to your walls. You can have a selection from the immeasurable extent of options available on the market.

11. Prettify The Walls With Bunting/Garlands

You can add a splash of colors to your wall design using garlands and bunting for decoration. It’s a unique approach to home decor upgrades and therefore, you can have the throne for out-of-the-way home decor ideas in the interior design world.

12. Foldable Screen Placements

Folding screens are portable and versatile in terms of choices i.e. may be wood, metal, bamboo, fabric, or paper. Not to mention the design and style versatility available on the market for foldable screens.

You can use them as temporary petitions or place them in front of a table with a lampshade for a luminous glow. When placed in the corners and against walls, foldable screens attract the viewer’s attention while minimizing the effect of empty, plain walls behind.

13. Hang Bamboo Blinds For A Rustic Touch Up

Using picture hangers or hooks, you can hang bamboo blinds against the wall for adding a natural and textural element to your home interior. No need to mention the versatility of options available for helping you with a perfect choice.

14. Beautify The Walls With Sconces

Wall sconces are types of lighting fixtures that can be mounted on the walls. They are specifically designed for the purpose of providing functional benefits as well as adding decorative accents to the interior. You can pair 2 or more sconces (depending on the length of the wall) for wall decoration purposes.

The Takeaway

Wall paint is no more the trendy option for home decor upgrades and there are many suitable options available for this purpose. In this post, we’ve suggested 14 of the best alternatives for paint-free wall decorations. You can pick an option from the list that suits your interior’s aesthetic requirements and your personal preferences.

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