How to Clean Velvet Furniture?

Speaking of plush furniture items that can make a style statement alongside adding a ton of royalty and elegance to the interior design, you’ll find velvet furniture to be the one and only option. Manufactured from a combination of natural and synthetic fibers, you’ll find this furniture to be extremely gorgeous in appearance and easy to care for, as well.

Being extremely luxurious and comfortable, you have to have proper upkeep, in terms of cleaning and maintenance practices. And unlike other furniture materials, the care and maintenance for velvet textured furniture are somewhat different. If you’re looking for ideal ways to care for plush velvety furniture, then you’re genuinely in the right place.

Today at Custom Furniture Dubai, we are going to explain the safe yet effective DIY ways to clean velvet and other soft-textured furniture items.

The Most Comprehensive Guide To DIY Clean Velvet Furniture

Velvet being fuzzy and rich in texture attracts more dust, dirt, and grime to its surface. Having that said, you’ll experience that velvet upholstered furniture gets dirty and has to be cleaned more often.

That can’t be argued with and has to be compromised for enjoying deluxe furniture appearances. So, let’s move on to the essentials that have to be arranged prior to DIY cleaning velvet-like furniture.

Tools/Equipment & Materials Required

The following materials and equipment have to be arranged to complete the furniture cleaning process efficiently.

  • Vacuum having an upholstery attachment
  • Clothes Steamer
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Beater or Blender
  • Dull-edged Knife
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Paper Towels

The Best Methods To Clean Velvet Furniture

Starting with regular cleaning procedures, we’ve explained below the processes to deal with stains, creases, and overall cleaning of furniture. Additionally, the tips and tricks to keep furniture in a good condition for long periods of time are also discussed at the end of the article.

1. Vacuum Clean The Velvet Furniture

Vacuum cleaning is one of the best ways to keep furniture shiny and delightful in appearance. For this purpose, you need to use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment. The idea is to loosen the dust and dirt using a brush so as to suck it away using the vacuum cleaner.

When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you need to vacuum the cushions, sofa, chairs, and all other furniture completely and carefully. Do ensure vacuuming both sides of the cushions. And the same goes for areas underneath the furniture.

2. Apply Clothes Steamer To Remove Creases

Most of you have experienced creases or wrinkles appearing on a velvet dress (if you had one). Similarly, velvet upholstered furniture can get creased and appear crumbled. If these wrinkles or creases are not removed, they’ll soon take the form of permanent folds and ridges.

If you’re facing such a situation with velvety furniture in the household, you can fix the situation using a clothes steamer. In this concern, you can set the steamer to a low-heat setting in order to avoid the melting of the velvet fabric.

After that, hold the steamer a few inches above the velvet fabric surface and move the steamer over the problematic areas (creased surface). Remember to keep the steamer moving during the process and not let it stay over a specific area for more than 10 seconds.

Also, you can smoothen the fabric pile using your hands after steam treatment.Another option is to use a steam iron. ease the wrinkles and creases on the surface. Yet once more, you must exercise tremendous caution to not let the iron touch the velvet fabric.

3. Spot Clean The Stains

No furniture surface can escape spills and stains; similarly, velveteen furniture will encounter such situations. To deal with spills, you can lift the solid particles off the furniture surface by making use of a dull-edged or blunt knife. Then, you will need to get the liquid absorbed by using a paper towel.

While doing so, always keep in mind not to rub the stained or spilled area because it will make the liquid penetrate and get trapped deeper into the fibers. After soaking all the liquid, only the stain on the furniture will be discernible.To spot clean the stain, you can mix dishwashing liquid or vinegar in warm water for a 2:3 correspondence.

Now, you just need to dip a clean piece of soft cloth or microfiber in the vinegar-water solution and apply it to the stained area. Blot the stained area using that piece of soft cloth up until the stain gets transferred. Finally, you may leave the furniture just the same and let it get air-dried.

4. The Need To Deep Clean The Velvet Furniture

The rule of thumb is to opt for deep cleaning of the velvet upholstered furniture every six months. It’s quite necessary because regular furniture cleaning can’t help with the removal of dust and dirt absorbed into the furniture surfaces. Having that said, deep cleaning once ignored can create detrimental health effects.

The Best Ways To Keep Velvety Furniture Clean For Longer Periods

Let’s take a look at some know-how for taking care of velvet textured furniture and maintenance practices to make it long-lasting.

  • Deal with stains, spills, and other furniture-damaging situations on an immediate basis.
  • Vacuum clean the plush furniture once every 6-7 days for a neat and clean furniture appearance.
  • Don’t let creases or wrinkles stay on the velutinous furniture for permanent marks and impressions.
  • Prior to applying homemade cleaning products, you should test them on an unnoticeable patch to prevent damage.
  • Never place your velvet upholstered furniture under direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

The End Note

Timely cleaning practices for velvet furniture items like couches, chairs, upholstered beds, etc will keep the furnishings shiny, appealing, and delightful in appearance. In this article, we’ve provided all the information necessary for cleaning velvety and similar soft-textured furniture items. From regular vacuuming to cloth steaming and spot testing to deep cleaning the velvet upholstered furniture, all the important aspects have been discussed. Additionally, the useful tips and tricks to keep velutinous furniture clean have been discussed.

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