How Tall Should My Nightstand Be?

The ideal choice of furniture height becomes downright intimidating especially when the point of concern is a nightstand. It may not be the most essential piece of furniture in a bedroom but certainly fulfills the interior design gap and proves to be highly beneficial.

Choosing the right size and scale for a bedside table is really important and this choice highlights the factors of comfort and functionality. Don’t really know how to select the proper height for a nightstand? There’s no need to worry about anything because Custom Furniture Dubai is right here to help you with the most beneficial info.

Some Important Considerations For Buying The Ideal Height Nightstand

Due to plenty of options available on the market, the choice of a bedstand is not a problem, rather making an ideal purchase for your needs is challenging. Apart from the height, there are some other factors involved that should be considered for perfect bed stand purchases.

The Different Types Of Bedside Tables On The Market

Before we move any further, it’s really important to let you know about the different types of bedside tables available on the market.

1. Bedside Chest Pieces

There are types of bed stands that come with extra storage options in the form of drawers. Usually, there are three drawers but some people go for customized options and have 2-drawer or 4-drawer bedside chest pieces to fulfill their requirements.

2. Bedside Cabinets

Similar to chest pieces, the bedside cabinet is also equipped with drawers but there’s additional storage in the form of a cabinet. Yes, nightstand cabinets usually come with 2 drawers and a cabinet for extra storage benefits.

3. Bedside Tables

These types of bedside tables don’t come with storage at all and are specifically designed for people who love to enjoy sleek, sophisticated interior appearances. These bed tables are only for placing items like smartphones, table lamps, reading material, etc.

4. Smart Nightstands

Furniture design innovation can’t be ignored because of the extent of its benefits in terms of décor and functionality. Smart nightstands are one such example because these bedside tables come with USB ports for smartphone charging.

What Is The Purpose Of A Nightstand?

Now that you know about the different types of bedside tables available on the market, you should set preferences to narrow down the possibilities. But why should a bed stand be placed in the bedroom at all? Below, we’ve explained the fundamental significance of having a nightstand in the bedroom.

  • Bedside tables offer a surface for essential placements like a table lamp, reading material, smartphones, eyeglasses, medication, etc.
  • Nightstands complete the bed set and add to the aesthetics of your bedroom furniture.
  • Bed stands are important interior design elements that add a sense of fullness to the bedroom.
  • You can have easy access to a table lamp, eyeglasses, medication, and drinking water at night, thanks to bedside tables.
  • Bedside tables add to your home storage options and therefore, help to de-clutter your bedroom space.

1. Take Bed Measurements

The nightstand is to be placed alongside the bed, of course! Therefore, you can’t idealize the ideal height, size, and scale of your bedside table until you know about the bed measurements. It’s advised that you should never guess the height of the bed and take actual measurements.

For this purpose, the height of the foam/mattress should be included in the calculation. The height of the bed headboard should also be taken into account when purchasing a nightstand.

2. Think About The Available Space

Space is a problem, especially talking about confined bedroom interiors. You can’t give away too much space around both sides of the bed for nightstand placements. It’s where the choice of an ideal size and scale of bedstand comes into the equation and needs to be looked upon precisely.

There can be two possible solutions in space-limited bedrooms for nightstand placements. The first solution demands you shrink the size of the bed table for a proper fit around the bedside. Second, you can choose to have only one bedstand placed along one side of the bed.

In this concern, you can push the bed along the wall surface to capitalize on the available interior space.

3. Idealize The Nightstand Proportions

Now that you know about the total available space around the bedsides and bed measurements, it’s time to think about the bedstand proportions. Commonly, you’ll find the height of bed tables in the range from 24-28 inches from the floor surface for king-sized beds.

For queen-size beds, the height range is 22-26 inches from the floor level. Speaking of the general rule for width, you’ll find 18-22 inches-wide nightstands. However, the length and width of the bedstand can be idealized in accordance with the bed measurements.

Make sure that the nightstand is wide enough to accommodate all essential placements at once like a table lamp, framed photos, eyeglasses, water bottle, smartphone, etc.

Perfect Nightstand Height: The Measurement

What’s the ideal height for a nightstand? Below, we’ve summarized all the factors and considerations to answer your question.

  • The nightstand must not be 4 inches higher or lower than your bed mattress.
  • In fact, you should not buy a bedstand lower than your bed mattress.
  • The average heights of beds are around 25 inches and you can find bedside tables with a height ranging from 24-30 inches.
  • It is recommended that your bedstand and bed mattress should share the same height for enjoying maximal comfort and practicality.


Choosing a nightstand for your bedroom with perfect proportions might have been challenging before but not anymore. In this post, we’ve explained some important considerations that will surely help you make the right decision for the choice of nightstand scale and proportion. Also, you should take into account the style, storage, and available space in the interior for this decision. The ideal height of the bedstand is exactly the same as the level of your bed mattress from the floor surface.

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