Chair Pad Cushions; Buy The Latest Styles

Chair Pad Cushions by Custom Furniture Dubai are the most comfy and classy addition to all chairs for the perfect accessorizing.

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About Our Company

We Provide Wonderful Cushion Ranges In The UAE

At Custom Furniture Dubai, you get the absolute best chair pad cushions Dubai which will totally transform both the usage experience and the look of your chairs. Simply perfect in both their sizing and profiles, these cushions are the most effective idea of eliminating all the discomfort of any given chair type.

We stock the finest styles of these chair cushions and you can also get your desired choices customized from us.


We provide the most extensive and trendy varieties of chair pad cushions in Dubai and also offer customization services for all sorts of cushion ideas. Our quality and plush cushions work wonders for each and every usage and they can be used outdoors cushion, as well. You can avail all sorts of customization services from us.

We provide cushion covering, filling, and modification services at affordable prices.

Quality Fillings

Size Ranges

Low-maintenance Profiles

So let’s induce all the much-needed comfort to your chairs and benches, email us at

New Collection of Chair Pads 2023

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Our Product Quality

Our Premium Cushions Come With Incredible Durability

And you’ll find them to be ideally serviceable and functional for longer periods of time. As far as their crafting is concerned, these Chair pad Cushions are stuffed/filled with a number of different materials, such as thin foam rectangles, feathers, wool, cotton and polyester staple fiber. And they are covered with fabrics like cotton, Polyester, hemp, silk, and within more heavy-duty versions, its leather covering, as well.

They mostly come in larger sizes, so as to offer a perfect fit for the chair and you can get size customizations, too.

Our Product Aesthetics

Our Finest Chair Pad Cushions Come In Versatile Options

These cushions Dubai are not just adorable to look at but also serve as the most suitable addition to all furniture pieces. We’ve got entire ranges for you and the most widely used ones are Office Chair Cushions, Dining Chair, Black Chair and Garden Chair Cushions. And of course, you can totally get your favorite ones custom built from us, such as medical cushions, back supporting ones and others.

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Innovative Cushion Ideas
Office Chair Cushions
Dining Chair Cushions
Garden Chair Cushions
Black Chair Cushions

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Why Choose Us

We Supply The Highest Quality Cushions In The UAE



Our Chair pad Cushions Dubai are the most incredible idea to make your chairs, benches and other furniture items a lot more cozy and serviceable than before. You can have them in both fixed and removable versions and this goes the same for all the styles of Office Chair Cushions, Black Chair Cushions, Garden Chair Cushions and Dining Chair Cushions.

Plush Profiles

Our quality customized cushions are the most pleasurable to sit on and their structures remain plump and beautiful all along

Cheap Pricing

These chair Cushions are widely available at affordable rates and the customization services are absolutely pocket-friendly, too