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Outdoor Cushions Dubai by Custom Outdoor Furniture are the most incredible way of accessorizing and enhancing your outdoor decors and mainly seating setups.

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About Our Company

We Provide The Widest Range Of Outdoor Cushions Dubai

And you’ll totally love the experience of picking out your favorite cushion designs from our incredibly versatile lineups. In addition to that, we also offer high-end cushion customization services, which, as suggested by name, are the skill set with which you can have all your desired cushion ideas turn into a reality. From solid colors and printed options to those imprinted with names and funny phrases, we can create any and every cushion idea with perfection for you.


We provide the most extraordinary services of cushions for outdoor furniture, such as outdoor bench cushions, outdoor seat cushions, outdoor floor cushions and waterproof outdoor cushions Dubai. Apart from that, we also provide custom made cushions for creating the best personalized decors.

We serve our clients with proficient customization services and ensure providing well for all their requirements




So do get your outdoor furniture and seatings the everlasting beautification with endless comfort being the added perk.

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Latest Outdoor Cushion Styles 2023

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Our Product Quality

We Craft The Finest Quality Outdoor Cushions UAE

You’ll find these cushions to be ideally heavy-duty, resilient, durable and high-performance. Perfect for the outdoor conditions and most importantly atmospheric effects, we’ve also got an entire range of Waterproof Outdoor Cushions which are super functional and low-maintenance. As for the materials, our Outdoor Cushions Dubai are made of high-quality Acrylic, Polypropylene or Polyester with Polyurethane foam and polyester fillings. They are incredibly easy to clean.

Our Product Aesthetics

Explore Our Trendy Collections Of Cushions For Outdoor Furniture

We stock the most ravishing ranges of the Outdoor Cushions UAE and you can easily pick out the best matching pieces for your outdoor decors. These widely available cushion styles make a perfect fit for all sorts of furnishings. Some of the most popular styles amongst these are Cushions For Outdoor Chairs, Outdoor Seat Cushions, Outdoor Bench Cushions, Outdoor Floor Cushions and Waterproof Outdoor Cushions.

Besides, you can bring us your favorite cushion ideas or can simply discuss them with our professionals for the perfect custom made Outdoor Cushions Dubai creation.

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Featured Cushion Making Services
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Outdoor Seat Cushions
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Outdoor Floor Cushions

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Why Choose Us

Have Us For Your Dream Cushion Crafting



Custom Furniture Dubai make each and every cushion type with the utmost perfection and you will keep enjoying these comforting and serviceable elements for the longest periods of time. These cushions will satisfy your aesthetic taste real amazingly and the comfort you get is totally incredible, too. Besides, they will help your body and mind stay in a relaxed state for long.

Skillful Customization

Our cushion customization services are ideally proficient and you can have multiple versions of Outdoor Cushions Dubai from us

Affordable Price Tags

All of our cushion making services are entirely budget-friendly and you can easily get your favorite decor scenarios without a lot of expenses