Can You Use Any Bed Frame With An Adjustable Base?

If you want to add more comfort and functionality to your king-sized bed, adjustable bed frames are the best choices. While the idea of having an adjustable bed frame seems appealing, there are some important aspects you should be considerate about before this purchase.

Yes, you should consider the possibility of whether or not adjustable bases can accommodate your existing bed frame. Also, if these mechanized bed bases are compatible with all sizes of bed frames?

The answer to this question and related queries will be solved by reading our discussion at Custom Furniture Dubai about adjustable bed bases and frames.

A Detailed Discussion On The Compatibility Of Adjustable Bases & Bed Frames

There are various different styles of bed frames available on the market. And, if you’re buying an adjustable bed base, then you need to know about the frame options compatible with it. Also, you shouldn’t buy an adaptable bed base until you are sure that it’ll accommodate your existing bed frame perfectly.

Let’s move on to the point of discussion starting from scratch in the context of reading.

What Is An Adjustable Bed Frame?

Adaptable bed bases are mechanized frames that can be raised or lowered either using a remote control (modern version) or by hand from the head and foot side of the bed.

The Benefits

  • You can adjust the position of your bed to your liking for ultimate comfort.
  • You can relieve some pressure on your back by controlling your sleep position and getting to relax in an inclined position.
  • That’s why adaptable bed frames are ideally recommended for people with lower back problems and other medical conditions.
  • People who snore while sleeping can alleviate this condition by raising their heads and keeping the airways from closing.
  • You can also read with comfort and/or watch TV with optimal viewing.
  • People with sleep apnea can enjoy a comfortable and well-rested sleep, thanks to adaptable bed frames.
  • Sleeping in a raised head position alleviates the possibility of acid reflux which is a common cause of sleep disturbances.

The Different Styles Of Bed Frames On The Market

Whenever it comes to bed frames, all the discussion is about king-sized and queen-sized beds, and nothing more than that comes to our ears. But do you know that there are different styles of bed frames available on the market?

Below, we’ve mentioned some of the most common types of bed frame styles to help you figure out your existing bed frame and add to the possibilities for new purchases.

  1. Platform Bed Frames: These are low-profile frames that often feature a simple, minimalist design. They typically have a flat base that supports the mattress without the need for a box spring.
  2. Panel Bed Frames: They have a headboard and footboard that are made up of several panels, giving them a more decorative look. You can find them in different materials, including wood, metal, and upholstered fabrics.
  3. Sleigh Bed Frames: With a curved or scrolled headboard and footboard that resemble a sleigh, these frames have a classic, traditional look and are constructed using wood.
  4. Canopy Bed Frames: These frames have four posts/pillars that extend upwards, supporting a canopy or curtains that can be drawn around the bed. They are used to create a romantic or dramatic atmosphere in the bedroom.
  5. Storage Bed Frames: With built-in storage compartments, these frames are used to store clothing, linens, or other items and are highly useful in small bedrooms where space is at a premium.

With the most common options listed, you can easily recognize your existing bed frame style. When choosing a brand-new frame for your bed, a pro tip is to consider your personal style preferences, as well as the size and layout of your bedroom.

Some Important Factors To Keep In Mind For Compatible Bed Frame And Base

Now that you know about the benefits of purchasing adaptable beds and popular bed styles, it all comes down to the very same question i.e. Will my bed frame fit an adjustable base? We’ve described some important factors that should be considered for 100% compatibility guaranteed.

1. The Size Proportion

First and foremost, you need to consider whether or not the slats inside the bed frame are removable. That’s necessary because if you can’t remove the horizontal slats underneath the mattress, it’s a no-no situation.

Especially, when you’ve got a storage bed frame, there are storage compartments underneath and it becomes really difficult to fit the adjustable base. Additionally, you should also look for size compatibility between the adjustable base and your bed frame.

2. The Height Issue

In some cases, you might even get to fit the adaptable base into proportion but the overall mattress height gets increased. It’s an indication that your bed frame and base are not compatible.

2. The Weight Capacity

Most times bed frames are not sturdy enough to support the combined weight and mishaps can take place resultantly. It mostly happens if your bed is too old or there’s any structural damage. Therefore, you should ensure that there are no flaws in the bed frame or structure.

Thus, the answer to this question depends on a lot of factors but mainly on the size compatibility of both the bed frame and the adjustable base.

How To Position The Adaptable Base Into The Bed Frame?

Fitting an adjustable base into a bed frame is a simple and straightforward process that requires you to follow these steps.

  1. Remove the existing mattress and the box spring base for fitting the new base.
  2. With a centralized positioning approach, you need to place the adjustable base within the bed frame.
  3. You might also need to adjust the legs of the base for height adaptation.
  4. Secure the base with bolts, screws, and brackets to make sure that the base doesn’t move or slide. It should be tightly locked in place.
  5. Place the mattress onto an adjustable base and adjust it to the desired position.

The Verdict

Adjustable bed bases are always a favorable approach to better comfort, enhanced convenience and an improved furnishing experience. For a proper fit and maximum comfort, it’s really important that you check the compatibility of the bed frame and the adjustable base. We’ve explained the different styles of bed frames alongwith the benefits of having an adaptable bed base. Additionally, the process to fit the adjustable base into the bed frame has been explained in a step-by-step manner.

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