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Floor Cushions Dubai by Custom Furniture Dubai are the best idea of creating floor based seating setups with the most impressive beautification

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About Our Company

We Are The Top-tier Designers Of Quality Floor Cushions Dubai

And we’ve come up with the most versatile and equally purposeful collection of cushions Dubai for you, so that you have a great time picking out the best ones for you. These cushions are not just great for adding to any furnishing or decor setup but also work totally wonders on their own. Moreover, you can also get them in custom made styles from us and enjoy a wholly new experience of getting cushions for floors.


Our excellence lies in offering the most exceptional services of customized floor cushions Dubai and this goes the same for the predefined styles, as well. You can get all styles of floor cushions from us for giving a greatly appealing look to all your decors and also to make the surroundings way more comfortable and useful for you.

We provide the most suitable cushion customizations and you can get anything and everything created from us.




So let’s make you floors comfy and delightful like never before, get in touch with us at

Innovative Floor Cushion Styles 2023

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Our Product Quality

Our Luxury Floor Cushions Dubai Are Incredibly Useful

Made from high-quality and long-lasting jute and oftentimes induced with leather, these floor cushions not only prove to be greatly serviceable but are also capable of staying the same for longer periods of time. They usually come in larger sized versions, and therefore make an incredibly plush and comfortable seating. Their covers are compatible for both indoor and outdoor usage and they are really easy to clean, as well.

Our Product Aesthetics

Our Finest Floor Cushions Create The Perfect Interior Decors

These floor cushions Dubai are simply mesmerizing to look at and will make all your indoor and outdoor spaces stand out. You can place them next to custom sofas, armchairs or any other anchor piece of your choice. Besides, one amazing way to use these cushions is to pair them with some carpeting or rugs and create a highly appealing and cozy seating space. You can also place them directly atop wooden or laminate floors and they will offer a great accommodation and extension of the sitting arrangement.

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Our Cushion Customization Services
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Fluffy cushions
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Why Choose Us

We Are The Trustworthy Providers Of Classy Cushions For Floors In The UAE



At Custom Furniture Dubai, you’ll come across the most bewitching ranges of floor cushions Dubai that will be an incredibly perfect match to your interiors spaces. These cushions are super functional and from bedrooms to dockings, you can place them wherever you want. Moreover, they do make a fine go to comforting element as well, since you can take them with you everywhere. Also, they are lightweight, can be used in all spaces and are resistant to damages and discoloration.

Serviceable Sizes

Our floor cushions in Dubai are the perfect option for smaller areas as they don’t consume a lot of space, yet provide a useful accommodation and endless comfort

Affordable Rates

These cushions come at supremely low prices and you can also get your favorite custom made cushion styles totally on a budget from us.