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Get your dressing rooms and bedrooms the everlasting kick of beautification with Dressing Table Dubai by Custom Furniture Dubai

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About Our Company

We Create Statement Dressing Tables Dubai

We have got you a whole range of the finest looking and most adorable designer dressing tables in Dubai. From Wooden to White Dressing Tables, you can find each and every style of luxury dressing mirrors and tables with us. These premium-grade dressings not only go well with all the décor themes but also are excellent to use as sole furnishing and organizing elements within your dress up and vanity spaces.


We create peculiar dressing tables and storages in the UAE and are well-known for bringing about greatly creative and out of the box beautiful ideas into the market. With us, you will enjoy the creation of your own personalized bedroom dressing furniture items and will be even more delighted by picking out your favorite pieces from our featured collections of the Dressing Table Dubai.

We shall make the most favorable and useful stuff for you, completely on a budget.




Do choose us when looking for the best customization services for vanity storage

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Featured Dressing Table Designs 2023

Dressing table with two wardrobe closets in the bedroom
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Beautiful and luxury wooden white dressing table
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Modern Dressing Room Interior With Wardrobe And Dressing Table
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Our Product Quality

Our Dressing Table Dubai Is Incredibly High-quality And Long-lasting

Our Wooden Dressing Table features the highest build quality, colorfast stains, attractive and durable surface finishes and greatly serviceable additions. These tables along with dressing mirrors will give you the best value for your money for being super long-lasting, high-performance and easy to maintain at the same time. Also, you can get them in various species such as Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Poplar, Cedar and others.

And you can totally decide on the rest of the styling, i.e color, measurements, additions, etc.

Have Your Dream Dressing Table Designed From Us

Custom Furniture Dubai will be your trustworthy companion in the journey of the ideal dressing area décor creation. Our luxury and purposeful Dressing Table Dubai is not just the finest decorative item you can add to your place but also the most functional furnishing element you can ever get.

With incredible features like extensive built-in storage, lighting, usage flexibility, compact and space-saving profiles and easy mobility, our designer dressing tables in Dubai will offer you the most exceptional grooming and dressing experience. They will provide a vast and conveniently accessible accommodation for all your essentials and will make your interior look significantly more well-put-together.

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Our Product Aesthetics

Explore Our Ritzy Wooden Dressing Table Designs

With us, you’ll get to see the most exceptional and equally versatile lineup of the dressing room storage ideas. Most importantly our Wooden, White Dressing Table Dubai with Mirror and Small Dressing Tables are the popular styles that work wonders for all of the décor themes. Plus, you can have the customized addition of various other features too, such as built-in storage, lighting, flexibility, and any other aspect you look forward to.

Over and above, you can shop for all sorts of contemporary and vintage designs from us and can get your desired ones custom created, as well.

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Our Dressing Room Furnishing Services
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Why Choose Us

We Are The Expert Designers Of Dressing Table With Mirror



Do prefer us as your dressing and vanity room designers and we shall prove to be the best and most trustworthy. You’re welcome to bring all of your ideas to us and we’ll be creating them into adorable realities for you. Besides, you can also have the mind-blowing experience of shopping from our ranges. These dressing tables with mirrors will be your perfect grooming partner and will also provide the most useful accommodation for all of your supplies and essentials.

Cheap Rates

All of our Dressing Table Dubai styles are ideally pocket-friendly and the same goes for the customization services, too

Flexible Designs

These dressing tables work wonders for providing efficient and easy access to all of the desired stuff and they don’t consume excessive space, as well

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions,
We Have Answers

The ideal size of the dressing table will depend on the height of a person and the interior style of the bedroom. The standard dressing table is between 75 to 105 cm in width and 70 to 80 cm in height. You can request the custom height and width of the dressing table from us.

You can get assistance from our furniture experts. They have great knowledge of interior design and furniture trends. Our consultation services are available for every customer with minimal charges. You can choose the best dressing table for your bedroom with the help of our expert suggestions.

Our furniture e-shop has the most versatile type of dressing tables. We use different materials for designing the dressing table, like metal, plastic, or leather. But the main structure of the dressing table is mostly made of wood. You can choose different types of wood or any other solid material like metal for the frame of the dressing table.

Absolutely yes! You can order the custom-made dressing table in Dubai at our company. We help our customers in achieving their dream bedroom interior with personalized furniture items. You can contact us anytime to discuss the unique color and custom design of the dressing table.

Custom Furniture Dubai is the best platform to buy all furniture items, including showcases and dressing tables. You can choose our pre-assembled tables for instant interior enhancement. Also, you can buy our dressing tables in Dubai which require assembly.

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