Chaise Lounge Dubai; The Most Stylish Furnishing

Chaise Lounge Dubai by Custom Furniture Dubai is an incredible and ravishing element to add to all spaces

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We Design Exceptionally Fine Chaise Lounge Dubai

And you can enjoy major beautification of your place with our ritziest Chaise Lounge Dubai in Dubai. This unupholstered chair-shaped sofa creates the most luxurious and inviting styling and offers optimum comfort, as well.

It’s a mind-blowing furniture item to invest in, particularly if you’re into classic or royal decors.


We have a matchless expertise in crafting exquisite chaise lounges sofas, featuring the most extraordinary adorable profiles and ideally versatile ones, too. In addition to that, we also provide chaise lounge chairs, which you can get in both predefined and customized versions for the most outstanding decorative uplifting of your places.

We offer merely the highest quality stuff to our clients and ensure making it totally value for money for them.





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So it’s time to bring about the most eye-catching ornamentation to your interiors.

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Latest Chaise Lounge Dubai Designs 2023

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Our Product Quality

The Finest Crafting Of Our Chaise Lounge Sofas

Our high quality chaise lounge Dubai comes with the most durable build quality and this is the best furniture addition you can ever make to your places. From the initial structure to the final fabrication, these chaise lounge sofas and chaise chairs feature incomparable excellence in every single aspect of their profiles. These sofas are not upholstered like the regular ones, rather it’s fabrication of different materials covering the entire cushioned part, such as Cotton, Chenille, and Tweed.

As for the frames of these royal sofas, they are made from either hardwood, metal, or sometimes aluminum, as well.

Our Product Aesthetics

Create The Most Exemplary Interiors With Our Chaise Lounges

Our chaise lounge sofa Dubai and chairs are, in the first place, the ritziest choice of a furnishing element and they can be placed within literally any and every décor theme, whether it’s modern or traditional. Besides, they are a true sign of vintage beauty and the best thing to pick up for those obsessed with classic stuff. Moreover, it provides the most delightful comfort and can be placed in corporate decors and workspaces too, as a classy furniture item.

You can get these sofas and chairs in your choice of prints, patterns or solid colors and can totally get the frame customizations, as well.

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Our Product Aesthetics

Why Invest In Our Premium Chaise Lounge Dubai

Chaise lounge Dubai is one of the most exceptional furniture elements to add to your home décor and the most incredibly comforting ones, too. Unlike a regular sofa, this furnishing item feels super cozy as you can enjoy a partial-seating position on it and also get your legs a perfect space. So it does make a great option for quick naps, reading, writing, watching or literally any other thing you enjoy.

Besides, the entire body remains in a well-rested state so there’s no fatigue or pain experienced at all. This way, it becomes the perfect option to add to bedrooms, study rooms, personal workspaces, libraries, decks, patios, pergolas and even next to swimming pools, as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We Have Answers

The foremost factors to consider for a chaise lounge purchase are its sizing, upholstery, finish and maintenance techniques. In other words, your chosen sofa must be a perfect fit for your space, be cozy to sit on, well-synced with the surrounding decor and easy to clean.

As a surprising fact, a chaise lounge can actually provide enough room for two people to sit, unlike a single-seater sofa. That’s because it has an elongated profile, which does serve the purpose of a day-bed and extra bedding in case of accommodation concerns.

In general, the chaise sofas are up to 73 inches to 80 inches long. Besides, the other length dimensions are 42-48 inches, 35-40 inches and 25-30 inches, excluding the custom made models. And if a predefined sofa size does not work for you, then it’s best to go with the custom made construction of the sofa.

When choosing chaise lounges, a preferable idea is to stick to darker colors since they seem very eye-catching and work for almost all interiors. You can have black, gold, maroon, deep red, grey or dark blue, for the frame with similar shades of the upholstery, essentially one to shades darker.

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We Are The Top-tier Providers Of Chaise Lounge Dubai



And we’ve got you a whole lot of bewitching chaise lounge Dubai chairs and sofas to choose from. Our trendsetting collection of the chaise sofas and chairs is the most promising way to bring about major change in your interior decors and to make the whole room appear the most ravishing. They will provide the most pleasurable comfort and support and they make the perfect comfort zones for reading, working or simply relaxing.


Cheap Rates

All of our sofa and chair chaise lounges come with affordable pricing and they are a truly cost-effective element to invest in


Durable Quality

These furniture items are low-maintenance, easy to deal with, and yet turn out to be the most long-lasting furnishing choice

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